Need a classic car for a photo shoot ? You cant go pass our 1960-C1-Corvette-Convertible ( aka Vetti) – available for promotional / photo hire only

This beauty is the perfect car to compliment your photos for any occasions or as an extra in your movie. This stunning 2-seater comes in Snow Crest white with Inca silver covers and red upholstery. Both hard and soft top options are available , depending on your requirements.

A true classic beauty, that is an unforgettable ride. Boasting a powerful fuel-injected 283ci small-block engine,producing an impressive (for the era) 290 horsepower. Sporting a 4-speed manual transmission. An required option for all fuel injected corvettes in the 1960. This beauty has the split highlights and chrome accents from the earlier 1958 model. Not to mention the taillights in the rear fender.

Fun fact, the 1960 C1 model is the last to have the iconic rear end styling – go on take a look at her rear! We think she deserves a wolf whistle or two.

No matter which way you look at it – Our 1960 C1 Corvette which we offer for hire is oozing style and class. Proving an entrance that is a real head turner. It will transport you to the 60’s movie era. When the rich and famous drove around in Mercedes, Porsche and C1 Corvettes to emphasize their wealth in what was classed as that era’s sports cars.

Did you Know Zora Arkus-Duntov ( known as the father of the corvette) set out to create a true American sports car. After noticing what European style cars were returning with the soldiers at the end of world war 2. As a result he designed what is now known as the Corvette. They achieved a stock car record at the Pikes Peak Hill climb in 1956 , setting a new record at Daytona beach hitting 150 mph in the flying hour.

Contact us now about hiring this Stunning classic car for your next photo shoot.

Please note terms and Condition of hire

Due to the vintage nature and value of the car, I’m sure you can understand we have a few small requirements in place to protect the car. Our staff will work with your photographer to ensure you get that amazing shot while protecting the vehicle.

  • Our staff will attach or place any items you wish to place on the paintwork.
  • If sitting/ leaning on any painted areas of the car, please use the cloths provided to protect the paint work (discreetly placed these should not show in photos) 
  • No shoes on seats.
  • The hirer is liable for any damage caused by them, or other Person/s, whether directly or indirectly, to the Vehicle, property, or persons
1960 C1 Corvette for hire