Classic cars for Promotional hire

We offer American classic cars for promotional hire.

Need the perfect car to add an element of elegance or vintage flair to a photo shoot or film set ?. Or hosting an event set in the 1940’s, 50’s or 60’s?

Our classic cars are the perfect accessory. We have a car to suit, as a convertible with hard and soft top, or 2 and 4 door coupes. Perhaps its a theme from those decades, be it gangster, wholesome family, rockabilly or racing your looking for?.

Maybe a much loved memory or feeling, like the one the show Happy Days generates that you want to recreate. Either way, we have you covered. All our cars are from those era’s and we have a car to suit any style or theme.

Our cars also range in several different colours. From a beautiful emerald green, to snow crest white, traditional black, electric teal, black and lastly ragoon red.

Check us out on Chanel 7’s Travel guides show, Did you spot a couple of our cars at the drive in?.

What are our Classic Cars available for

Our chauffeur driven beauties are available for all types of hire.

Tv,Commercials, Music videos, Photography/Photo shoots, Film/Movie productions, Events, Product launches and Brand Activation’s.

We offer hourly , half-day or full days prices to accommodate you for all occasions.

We are happy to discuss how we can help make your special requirements are reality.

Ensuring your hiring of one of our American classic car for your upcoming promotional event is a smooth as possible.

Please contact us to discuss

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Please note terms and Conditions of Hire

Due to the vintage nature and value of our cars, I’m sure you can understand we have a few small requirements in place to protect the car. Our staff will work with your photographer to ensure you get that amazing shot while protecting the vehicle.

  • Our staff will attach or place any items you wish to place on the paintwork.
  • If sitting/ leaning on any painted areas of the car, cloths will be provided to protect the paint work (discreetly placed these should not show in photos) 
  • No shoes on seats.
  • the Hirer is liable for any damage caused by by them, or other Person/s, whether directly or indirectly, to the Vehicle, property, or persons

Tv,Commercials, Music videos, Photography, Photo shoots, Film,Movie productions, Events , Product launches,Brand Activation’s.Tv,Commercials, Music videos, Photography, Photo shoots, Film,Movie productions, Events , Product launches,Brand Activation’s.