Our 1947 Ford is the perfect Vintage wedding or formal car available for hire on the gold coast and surrounds.

Seating 4 passengers comfortably. (or 5 with small children)

Looking for a gangster Formal car to hire on the Gold Coast, that will go well with your peaky blinders suit?. Did you know that Clyde #bonnieandclyde loved V8 Fords, he was obsessed with them in fact. Furthermore he even wrote a letter to the ford motor company. ” On April 13, 1934, Ford Motor Company received this unusual product testimonial. In it notorious bank robber Clyde Barrow extolled the virtues of Ford”. Check it out below


Not looking for a gangster theme, It is also great for Vintage Weddings!

Our 1947 for instance, is a perfect vintage wedding car. Running a 239 cubic flat head v8 and 3 speed manual gearbox is a bride’s dream. With it’s suicide doors ensuring entering and exiting in those fancy dresses becomes a breeze. Not to mention photos can be taken with no pesky doors in the way. While the black exterior and cream interior matches any colour scheme. Jazz it up with the traditional wedding ribbon or a flower garland on the back and you have the perfect back drop for photos.

This car works for all occasions not just as a Formal or Wedding Car. Perhaps you need something for that special date night or to re-live a memory for someone special. Maybe your dad or granddad use to drive one of these cars around the Gold Coast in their youth .

Contact us today about our lovely Vintage Ford available for hire as your wedding or formal car on the Gold Coast or surrounding areas.


  • Seating 4 passengers comfortably. (or 5 with small children)
  • 4 Doors
  • Suicide Doors
  • Bench Seats
  • Seat Belts – 2 rear only