Promotional / photos only

Looking to hire a classic 1957 Chev Belair sports 2door coupe for that something extra for your product photo shoot or movie?.

Therefore, you can’t go pass our beautiful two door sports coup in emerald green with gold trim.

Our Chev Belair showcases all the major 50’s style without being over the top . From the distinguishing hood ornament, sweeping stainless side moldings and anodized-aluminum quarter-panel trim. To the characteristic tail fins and dual exhaust . A true American Icon that not only looks good but runs like a dream, sporting a 283 small block with TH350 fuel injected automatic transmission.

You will not be disappointed with how your photos turn out, when you hire this beautiful classic Chev Belair.

Did you know, in 1957 the 57 Chev appeared at NASCAR Daytona Speedway . Known as the Black Widow, these 1957 150 utility sedan2 door chev’s, had fixed rear windows and no back seats, armrests or radio. Powered by a 283 horse powered fuel injected engine. So during the 1957 season NASCAR banned fuel injection. This forced the Black Widows to be switched over to a 4 barrel carburetor. This didn’t effect the performance at all. The black widow chev’s dominated the 1957 Grand National Series season often winning all top 3 pole positions . Buck Baker won 10 of these races. He won 6 pole positions , 30 top five finishes and 38 top ten finishes in just over 40 races .

Our Chev Belair is perfect for those times when your wedding accommodation,ceremony and reception are all in the same place. But you want to add that extra element to your wedding photos.

Talk to us today about how we can help with your promotional or wedding photo requirements.

Chev Belair - wedding photo hire Gold Coast

Terms and conditions of hire

Due to the vintage nature and value of the car, I’m sure you can understand we have a few small requirements in place to protect the car. Our staff will work with your photographer to ensure you get that amazing shot while protecting the vehicle.

  • Our staff will attach or place any items you wish to place on the paintwork.
  • If sitting/ leaning on any painted areas of the car, please use the cloths provided to protect the paint work (discreetly placed these should not show in photos) 
  • No shoes on seats.
  • The hirer is liable for any damage caused by them, or other Person/s, whether directly or indirectly, to the Vehicle, property, or persons